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A Family Rafting Business

Middle Fork Rapid Transit is a family business.
Dr. Bob and Karen Porter began taking guests down Idaho's Middle Fork of the Salmon River in 1980. One by one, their four sons helped build the enterprise into one of the most successful outfitters on the Salmon River. The youngest son, Grant and his wife Kim, took the oars and currently own and manage Middle Fork Rapid Transit and its family of expert guides.

Our Guides

The secret to a great weeklong river vacation? The guides. Middle Fork Rapid Transit has some of the best in the business. On our trips, guiding is more than pitching tents and hooking trout. Our guides love the many aspects of their jobs and passing along the fun to their guests. They are expert boatmen, gourmet chefs, savvy outdoorsmen, witty conversationalists and congenial hosts. They are also professionals who take their jobs and your safety seriously. Each summer, our guides return to the job they love working with family and close friends, and enjoying the privilege of bringing the magic of the Middle Fork to others. In fact, Middle Fork Rapid Transit's guests consistently tell us that our guides are the number one reason they return.

"It is hard for me to express adequately my appreciation for your guide staff. Their professionalism, friendliness and especially their relationship with my boys was tops!"

Rex Averill

Grant Porter

Grant Porter

Grant was five years old in 1980 when his parents, Dr. Bob and Karen Porter, started Middle Fork Rapid Transit. He was eight years old when he took his first trip, and it was then that he knew he would be spending a significant portion of his life on the Middle Fork. He spent all his summers as a kid in Stanley, Idaho, cleaning boat boxes and rafting gear in between trips. The day after turning 18 years old, Grant departed from Boundary Creek with guests in his boat and spent the next 11 summers guiding full-time. In 1998, he became the manager of the company, and in 2002 he and his wife purchased MFRT from his parents. Grant celebrated his 20th year as a licensed guide on the Middle Fork in 2012.   

Ty Porter

Ty & Jacqui Porter

Ty fell in love with the Middle Fork of the Salmon River when he was 9 and claims it will always be a part of who he is. He started working for the family business by crushing cans and collecting fire wood. By the time he was 21, Ty was leading a group of 24 guests on a six day adventure through the wilderness. He strongly believes a trip on the Middle Fork, either as a guide or a guest, makes one a better human being. Ty had the honor of guiding for seven years before starting his own business and raising a family in Boise, Idaho. But no matter how busy his life can be, Ty always makes room for the Middle Fork.

Jacqui grew up loving the mountains of Idaho and discovered the Middle Fork in 1995 during a training trip. She was hooked. She married college sweetheart Ty in 1999 and after nine years in the financial industry, she now raises their three adventurous kids in Boise. When she's not wrangling the kids, Jacqui helps MFRT with reservations, marketing and guest relations. In 2012, Ty and Jacqui took their two oldest kids on the Middle Fork for the very first time. A third generation of river passion was born!   


Mark Keegan

Mark is a product of Twin Falls Idaho, like many of our fine talented guides. His first trip down the Middle Fork was a private trip when he was 13. He's been passionately guiding on the Middle Fork since 2007. Mark is a strong boatman and you'll usually find him running the mighty sweep boat and preparing the camp for guest's arrival. He is also a very talented chef. In his free time, you'll find Mark snowboarding, hunting, fishing, and traveling all over the globe. His favorites include Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico and Japan.   


Chris "Topher" Moehringer

Chris fell in love with the Middle Fork and the entire MFRT crew in the summer of 2011. He considers it to be his second family, and is looking forward to spending many years guiding for Middle Fork Rapid Transit with friends old and new. When he's not on the river, Chris enjoys skiing, hiking, and making music on both the trombone and guitar. Chris is currently pursuing a degree in Music Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Elena Louder

Elena Louder

Twin Falls native, Elena is passionate about life on the river. Whether it's river guiding, kayaking or just cooking over a fire with friends. When not following the water, she is busy working on a degree in resource conservation and Spanish at University of Montana.   


Sena Strenge

Sena spends over half her year working in the Frank Church Wilderness. She moved to Idaho in 2010 and has been river guiding ever since. When not running a boat she loves to explore the river trails and side drainages. In the fall she works for hunting outfitters riding horses in the high country above our river, camping for weeks in wall tents, and cooking over wood stoves. In the winter she is a backcountry snowmobiler and snowboarder in Idaho and Montana.   

Alex Myers

Alex Myers

Alex loves spending his summers on the Middle Fork. His passion for the wilderness and love for wildlife make the river a natural place for him. Working along side his best friends and constantly interested in getting to know new people makes each trip special for him. Alex loves to fly fish, ski, and when he can't be on the river, he spends time with his family. Alex is studying Wildlife Resources at the University of Idaho and plans to continue to graduate school.   

Alex Myers

Conner Jackson

Conner has aspired to become a Middle Fork guide since his first trip when he was 10 years old. Now with three seasons under his belt, he could not be happier to spend time sharing his passion with others in the summer. Conner is majoring in Environmental Studies at the College of Idaho. He's a talented writer and photographer, but too humble to admit it. Guests often tell us that their favorite afternoons are spent on Conner's boat, engaged in contemplative conversations among the arcadian setting. When not on the river, Conner likes to spend time outdoors with friends and family.   


Sam and Fran Leonard

In 1990, at age 13, Sam descended the Middle Fork for the first time in an inflatable kayak, forever changing his life. Since then, every one of Sam’s summers has included time spent on this incredible river, and he began full-time guiding in 2000. In so many ways the Middle Fork is more his home than anywhere else on earth. This is where he met his wife Francis, as a fellow guide, and where they shared nine full seasons working side by side. They reside in Helena, Montana, with their young son. Sam teaches high school English when not on the river, and Franny is a nurse.   

Ben Anderson

Ben Anderson

Ben has been guiding on the Middle Fork since 2003. He has guided many rivers in Idaho and Arizona, but will always consider the Middle Fork his home. When off the river, Ben spends time with his wife, Becca, and new baby, Steely. He has worked in education since 2002 and currently is an assistant principal at a high school in Salt Lake City. 

Drake Bloebaum

Drake Bloebaum

Drake guided for MFRT full time from 1998 through 2005. He currently lives in Salt Lake City with his wife, Alicia, and young son, Garrett. Drake spends his days as a mortgage lender and enjoys performing with his band, Lake Effect, and taking advantage of all the amazing outdoor opportunities living in Utah provides. He does his best to join MFRT for a trip or two each year.   

Pooch Leonard

Will "Pooch" Leonard

When he was 12 years old, Pooch discovered how special the Middle Fork of the Salmon River really is. He began guiding for MFRT in 2004. In 2011, he wed his high-school sweetheart in Belize and started working on a PGA program to become a teaching professional. He considers guiding the greatest job on earth and he couldn't imagine guiding anywhere other than Middle Fork Rapid Transit!  

Ryan Corbin

Ryan Corbin

Ryan was 16 years old in the summer of 1988 when he took his first trip down the Middle Fork. As soon as the trip ended he knew he wanted to be a guide. Luckily he was friends with the owner's son and spent the next two summers training until he was old enough to get a license. He spent the next 10 years guiding full-time and every summer since he makes it a point to go on a couple trips. Twenty-four years since his first trip, he still loves guiding on the Middle Fork and has found few pleasures greater than a river trip with friends and family. Ryan owns a small chain of coffee shops in Salt Lake City, Utah, and makes it back to the Middle Fork as often as possible.   


Anika Lofts

Anika was raised in Frenchtown, Montana, and has traveled the world. Not one to sit still, Anika's activities include kayaking, hiking, paragliding and biking wherever she goes. Her superhero strength makes her a natural in the currents and her vibrant energy and musical talent keep young and old guests entertained on the river. When not on the Middle Fork, Anika lives in Jackson, Wyoming. 


Andrew Osterman

When Andrew graduated high school in New York in 2003, he and future guide Brendan Tougher descended the Middle Fork for the first time with MFRT. After college, he came back to train to become a Middle Fork guide and fell in love all over again. Since then Andrew has returned every summer to guide. Andrew moved to San Francisco in 2011 to pursue a career in food. Lucky for him, he has the good fortune of balancing a career that gives him the flexibility to guide a boat in the most beautiful place on earth.   


A.J. Lockwood

A.J. is an Idaho native who started commercially guiding in 2006 in Colorado. Once he had a taste of life on the river, he decided to continue his guiding career onto other rivers throughout Arizona, California, West Virginia, and New Zealand. It was along this journey that A.J. met his girlfriend, Jennifer, who shares his love for taking people down the river. Now, returning to his home state of Idaho, A.J. is pursuing a degree in nursing, and is very excited about the opportunity to explore the Frank Church Wilderness with all the professionals here at MFRT. He spends much of his free time fly fishing, biking, and kayaking.