Brother’s Pride

I saw my older brother pull my mother from the falls,
When he was seventeen and full of fire and caterwauls.
As she went under water thrust a hand for him to take
And brother’s marble grip was strong as love and couldn’t break.

Another brother too, I had the pleasure side by side,
Of making boats our anecdotes with brazen brother’s pride.
Chasing boats and swimmers, the two of us a team,
Fording raging creeks when he was all of seventeen.
Hiking home from rescue, I could see it on his face.
Knew he’d come of age in an extraordinary place.

Then baby brother came along and quickly learned the sport.
It came to him so easy, dipping graceful right and port.
My greatest privilege ever was to see my brother lead,
With steely glance and confidence when strength was most at need.

Brazen brothers’ pride.  Always on our side.
Living father’s dream – challenging the stream.

Song written by Chris Porter, MFRT guide
active 1984-1992 and 2002.
Chris is a surgeon and educator in Virginia
and wishes he were closer to Idaho.