FamilyHold onto your bucket hats folks, 2013 is in full swing and MFRT is rocking!  July is completely booked and we have one trip left in June, two open in August.  The ground is thawing, birds are chirping, and you have nearly forgotten the glorious feeling of sunshine stinging your skin and livening the earth.  Now is the time to look at your calendar and ask yourself, “why haven’t I booked my trip on the Middle Fork this year?”  Oh yeah, you’ve been busy.

While you’ve been checking off your to-do lists, your kids graduated, your spouse floats through like a roommate and you still have that bucket list.

Staying focused on what matters most in the midst of our busy daily lives is difficult.  And we all know that gaining perspective is critical to living and enjoying life.  Research proves that enjoying new experiences together improves interpersonal relationships and reconnects us to loved ones.  It is never too late to embrace opportunities to cherish those you love and create lasting memories.

The abundance of time and the perspective through Mother Nature’s lens is what makes the Middle Fork magical.  Guests tell me over and over how nervous they are to leave the cell phone and day-planner behind.  But by the 3rd or 4th day on the river, they realize that it’s those mundane tasks of life that get in the way of living.  Whether it’s joy, inner peace, falling back in love, or refocusing, guests always seem to find what they are looking for on the river.  Even if they didn’t know they lost it.

“The river delights to lift us free, if only we dare to let go.”

– Richard Bach