StormyAnd we’re off.  The first commercial trip of the season is complete and as usual it was one to remember.  The water level when we launched from Boundary Creek was about 3.6 feet.  This trip had a little bit of everything: lower water in the upper section, good fishing, bigger water in the lower canyon, rain, hail, and hot sunny days.  What an adventure!

On day three, we had one of the most exciting weather events I can remember on the Middle Fork.  As we floated down past Loon Creek, the sky began to darken upriver.  We continued downstream past the Underwater Canyon making a futile attempt to stay in front of the inevitable storm.  As we turned the corner, sheets of rain poured down from the sky.


Hail followed shortly after.  You could hear laughter from the boats as guides and guests enjoyed the absurd intensity of the storm.  Soon after, we heard the loud clap of thunder and the smell of ozone as lightning touched down high above on the canyon ridges.

As with most weather events on the river, the storm swiftly passed.  By the time we reached Grouse Creek, glimpses of sun and sky had returned.  We splashed our way through the Tappan series of rapids and landed at Trail Camp with the sun shining down overhead.

It looks to be an especially low water year and that means clear, beautiful Middle Fork water, excellent fishing, and warm river temperatures as the summer continues.  We can’t wait to share this incredible river with you.  See you soon!